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Fishing News from Atlantic City, Margate, Somers Point & Brigantine, NJ.

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2017 NEW JERSEY Fishing Seasons, Limits & Regulations


  • Striped Bass: One fish from 28 inches to less than 43 inches, one fish greater than 43 inches. No closed season 0-3 miles from shore
  • Summer Flounder: 18.'” min size, 5/angler, May 21 – Sept 25
  • Tautog: 15″ min size, January 1 – Feb 28 (4 fish), April 1 – April 30 (4 fish), July 17 – Nov. 15 (1 fish) and Nov 16- Dec 31-(6 fish)
  • Weakfish: 13″ minimum size, 1/angler, no closed season
  • Winter Flounder: 12″ min size, 2/angler, Mar. 1- Dec 31
  • Black Drum: 16″ min size, 3/angler, no closed season**Proposed size limit of 32 inches pending hearings**
  • Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2” min. open 5/23-6/19 (10 fish); 12-1/2” min open 7/1-8/31 (2 fish); 13” min open 10/22-12/31 (15 fish)
  • Blue Crab: 3″ minimum size for peeler/shedder 3-1/2″ for soft shell 4-1/2″ hard shell. Limit one bushel
  • Bluefish: No minimum size, 15/angler, no closed season
  • Red Drum: 18″-27″ slot size, 1/angler, no closed season

APRIL 20, 2017. Fish Jersey Shore Podcast

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    Home » Fishing News FISHING REPORTS Fishing News SURVEY SAYS, NJDEP NEEDS YOUR HELP! A current NJDEP survey asks New Jersey’s registered anglers for help gathering critical socioeconomic data in advance of the ASFMC summer flounder appeal in early May. By Jim Hutchinson, Jr. | April 24, 2017 PrintPrintSend via EmailSend Link New 0 0 […]
  • FISHING REPORT 4/23 or lack of April 23, 2017
    I left dock on top of tide on a cool morning and started looking for bass ,FOUND NONE, switched to fluke and FOUND NONE, also no Bluefish HELL, I couldn’t even lose a piece of bait. 3 hours of outgoing and never had a touch Either fish aren’t here or I have lost my touch […]

Larger summer flounder (fish in excess of 18 inches) are overwhelmingly egg bearing females and under the upward shift of recreational minimum size limits they have become a disproportionately higher percentage of the recreational landings.

Additionally, larger summer flounder bring significantly higher market value for commercially harvested fish, resulting in added pressure on female breeders. But there's more to the picture - literally - when we look at the average recruitment as compared to the changes in recreational size limits!

Too many female breeders are being removed by both the recreational and commercial interests and further reducing landings without addressing that imbalance will only exacerbate problems in the fishery.

If measures aren’t adopted soon to protect what’s left of the female population, SSB decline will continue and the fishery will be on the brink of another major collapse, if we are not at that point already.

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