2018 Summer Flounder Regulations Announced

At the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council meeting on 4/5, regulations for 2018 fluke and sea bass were set.

But hold on there… there could be a snag with sea bass regulations. States to our north have filed an appeal with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. They’re threatening to go out of compliance.

The process is complicated, but they look to be going after a portion of New Jersey’s quota.

Depending on the outcome of the appeal, sea bass regulations may or may not have to change….says Paul Haertel, JCAA Board Member/Past President.

2018 season 

Fluke (Summer Flounder)

  • May 25 – Sept 22, 3 fish at 18”

Sea Bass

  • May 15 – June 22, 10 fish at 12.5”
  • July 1 – Aug 31, 2 fish at 12.5”
  • Oct 8 – Oct 31, 10 fish at 12.5”
  • Nov 1 – Dec 31, 15 fish at 13”

Watch video below. Fishermen trio Mike Shepherd, Noel Feliciano and Dave Showell discuss the NJMFC decision to open flounder season May 25 and take away the possibility of getting an earlier crack at the flat fish.