AC Drill Team vs Councilman Marsh. Pleasantville School Dispute.

The A.C. X-Clusive Drill team is coached and co-founded by Latoya Dunston. Watch video of Ms. Dunstan as she confronts Atlantic City Councilman ‘Speedy’ Marsh.

The councilman was suspended last month from his day job inside the Pleasantville School District. Why was Marsh suspended? He wanted to know why the A.C. X-Clusive Drill Team was allowed to use the high school for a PAID event without official permission, fee payment, and/or insurance required by school policy.


According to the Press of Atlantic City, Dunstan said:  “If it’s for the kids, why does it matter if they have insurance?”.

Dunston’s popular drill team in Atlantic City is growing. Last year 83 members……today, it has reached over 167 members.

Read full story in Press of Atlantic City