AC Primetime Radio 8.1.16 Bart, Miss America, Taj Strike, Bike Vending on Boardwalk

What we’re talking about…. on this episode of ACprimetime Radio for the week of AUG 1, 2016:

Can the Mayor of Atlantic City trust a ’60 year old white guy’ to revive AC?

Bart Blatstein and Tower Investments buying too much Boardwalk in Atlantic City?

$74 million bridge loan is coming. But the City has to dissolve the MUA.

Boardwalk Bike riding til noon, woo-hoo. Bike vending at Claridge too.

Does Atlantic City have clear title for all the land that’s being sold & auctioned off?

Taj Mahal strike update. 4 weeks and counting.

Councilman Marty Small money ideas. Marty asked for a rescue plan extension. Guv & Senator Sweeney says no.

CRDA providing reduced parking rates for major events.

Why is Mayor Guardian down on Miss America?

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