ACDevco and Stockton Vs. Atlantic City Taxpayers

Stockton Atlantic City

ACDevco and Stockton faced some angry callers on the WOND Radio Don Williams morning show of DEC 5.

Discussion started with Stockton University getting $8 million gift.

Williams took calls from listeners who said stuff like this: “Phase 2 ACdevco extortion to build dorm rooms”

Don Williams. WOND RADIO

Gov Murphy holding up the money. $4 million. Ongoing investigations. Blah, blah, blah.

WOND caller: ‘It didn’t go out to bid’

Building dorms rooms at $500k a piece

Radio host Don Williams: Somebody should be taking a look at that. Maybe some politicians are involved, if you know what I mean.

Change the people that are in office. ‘Someone’s got to hold them accountable’


  1. Ain’t nobody else doing shit in AC. If you run these guys out of town, good luck finding any building going on during the next 10 years.

    1. Or maybe they can go out to bid and have someone do the same work for half the price saving $32,000,000 to be used for more development.

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