ACPD: Please Help ID Atlantic City Riot Suspects

Atlantic City Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying people that may be associated with the vandalism & looting of AC businesses that took place on May 31.

Please help the Atlantic City Police Department’s Riot Investigation Team.

Investigators have reviewed hundreds of hours of video from both public and private cameras. This has resulted in the identification of suspects, said ACPD Sgt. Kevin Fair.

When identifying an individual, use the assigned number for their specific picture.

Anyone with information about the identity of any of these individuals is urged to contact the Atlantic City Police Department at 609-343-3771 or email

Individuals photographed are not being accused of any crime. ACPD only seeking their identification.

“The Atlantic City Police Department respects and supports those who exercise their First Amendment rights, including the right to peacefully protest,” says Chief Henry M. White. “Individuals should not have their constitutionally protected rights hijacked by individuals committing criminal activity.”

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