ACprimetime Reader Feedback: Politicians Only Tell Truth When Beneficial

Mark Padula is the former Chairman of the Atlantic City Republican Party. He’s well known for being an integral part of Mayor Don Guardian’s surprising victory over incumbent Langford in 2013. Padula contributed the following editorial to ACprimetime….

After proving the AC Republican Mayor to be deceitful in his words beyond a reasonable doubt, I pondered this question tonight:  Do local politicians only tell the truth when it benefits them?

The Risk of Crossing Party Lines in Atlantic City Politics

Let’s rewind the clock to May 18, 2017.  The Atlantic City Branch of The National Association for the advancement of Colored People hosted a debate that evening.

The then four democratic primary candidates for Mayor of Atlantic City all attended that debate.  During that debate two very relevant questions were asked of all candidates.

QUESTION #1 to Councilman Small:  What grade do you give Mayor Guardian for his job performance as Mayor of Atlantic City.

SMALL Response:  A big fat F.

QUESTION #2 to Councilman Small: In the event your not successful in the primary election, will you support the democratic nominees in the general election?

SMALL Repsonse: I’m a Democrat first and foremost and will support the winner of the primary no matter who it is.

So, was that the politically correct answer at the time playing to the crowd of mostly democratic voters or was it Marty Smalls true feelings that the Mayor’s job performance deserves a failing grade?

I spoke with Council President Small at length this evening, as he knows I respect him and I believe his heart is in the right place when it comes to Atlantic City.

So now I have a question that I would like to ask: Was President Small telling the truth at the debate, or is it that the hatred runs so deep between Gilliam and Small, that the Council President would betray the trust of all of the people he spoke to on that evening in May, 2017 and endorse the Republican for Re-election?

That will be for all of you to decide on November 7th.

Is President Small’s endorsement a true endorsement or is it an angry individual endorsing a proven liar, someone that only a few months ago he gave a failing grade to?

Why should the good people of Atlantic City place any trust in this endorsement when President Small gave those two answers to all listening and trusting in him on that evening in May?

I leave you with a quote from a very smart individual in my opinion:

Martin Luther King Jr.

You see, I don’t hate the Republican Mayor, I’m just honest when I say I give him a big fat F on job performance, and so was President Small when he said it.

Mark Padula is the former Chairman of the Atlantic City Republican Party.

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