AM 1490, Sports Betting Radio Launches in South Jersey

Sports Betting Radio with Brent Musberger

WBSS-AM radio in Atlantic City has been re-branded as “AM 1490, Sports Betting Radio,” a round-the-clock talk format devoted to sports betting.

The Longport Media owned station is the first terrestrial radio station in the country to be programmed with sports betting content 24 hours a day.

AM 1490, Sports Betting Radio in Atlantic City

The format is a combination of The BetR Network’s content along with soon-to-be-announced local programming, which highlights the latest news, insights and analysis around the sports betting markets.

The talent lineup includes sports betting veterans Brent Musburger, former NFL executive and Ocean City native Michael Lombardi and others. With the goal of informing, entertaining and educating listeners about sports and sports betting

AM 1490 Sports Betting Radio and The BetR Network provides listeners with select content from the Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN) and SB Nation Radio Network.

With legalization of sports betting in New Jersey, sports betting as a 24/7 radio format could work. Maybe.

Sports Betting Radio delivers expert analysis and information that listeners can use to make informed bets and cash winning tickets right here in Atlantic City.

The network includes sports betting news, insights and analysis around the sports betting markets.

Will sports betting radio attract a younger audience? 44% of sports bettors are adults under the age of 35 and 29% of bettors earn a household income of more than $100K.

Social Media Feedback:

Ron Myers: Want to make really big money? Get into a “business” (racket) where people get easily hooked. Insidiously remove one’s power of choice and self respect, and by all means grab their money. Sell sex, violence, (sell anything using it). Hook ’em on rock. Fatten them up on unhealthy food, then “cure” them on prescription drugs. Flog tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, fast flashy cars, credit sharks, unscrupulous lawyers promising to turn your injury into a handsome settlement. Sell by flattery, seduction. Sell ’em impossible dreams! Sell, sell, invoice, collect, whether or not you can deliver. That’s today’s perverted world.

Should we now add gambling to the mix? Sure! Why not? If YOU don’t sell it, billboards, digital media or somebody else will profit, in this unscrupulous world of lust, pride and filth, run by narcissists without pity, compassion or empathy. After all, “I’m entitled” to win. The world owes ME a good living.

Everything revolves around ME, my business, my bottom line. Broken homes, ruined finances and lives, damaged kids?… who gives a damn… as long as my racket (excuse me… “business”… makes profit. Welcome, folks, to capitalism run amuck!