Radio Campaign Slams Assemblyman Chris Brown & Atlantic City

Would you take big money from someone who wants to bash your friend or hometown? Well, if you’re a financially strapped AM station….you would. That’s what Atlantic County listeners were ranting about when they heard a new radio commercial that slams Assemblyman Chris Brown and Atlantic City.

A substantial radio campaign is running on local WOND Radio in Atlantic City, owned and operated by Longport Media.

How awkward it must be to hear the typical political line-up of mayors, congressmen, senators and other elected officials….then, all of a sudden…..hear a commercial that beats up on many of them.

The 60 seconds of political wizardry was designed to show listeners that the battle over Atlantic City & North Jersey casinos has NOTHING to do with political affiliation. It’s all about the money and power.

The audio commercial playing in heavy rotation shines spotlight on fiscal mis-management of Atlantic City and the potential bail-out of the municipality. Talk about spreadin’ the negativity….

Click here to listen Assemblyman CHRIS BROWN commercial as heard on WOND Radio Atlantic City >

2 thoughts on “Radio Campaign Slams Assemblyman Chris Brown & Atlantic City”

  1. I don’t believe that WOND is airing the disclaimer at the beginning or end of the commercial That’s a no no!

  2. This ad is a complete disgrace. It is a complete and utter misrepresentation of everything Chris Brown stands for. Whoever is behind this ad should be ashamed. Lying SOBs.

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