Atlantic City Baltic Ave Pumping Station #FAIL Flood Control

A.C. failing to run flood-control unit properly.

I live across the street from the newly constructed pumping station at the canal in Gardner’s Basin. One early morning I witnessed the third significant flooding since the pump supposedly became operational. This occurred because either the pumps were not activated or the water lock was not opened to allow rain water to drain.

This is incompetence at the highest level. I’m sure Atlantic City public works, fire and emergency management officials are well compensated, but they have failed miserably with the oversight of this project. By not utilizing this new technology they have created a public safety hazard, damage to private and public property and have wasted millions in taxpayer money.

I’m sure if these officials lived across the street from the pumping station it would be firing on all cylinders at the first drop of rain or flood tide. The city should get it together or get someone in place who actually knows how to operate this thing.

Richard Ciabattoni

Atlantic City

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