Atlantic City Replenishment. Dredging Builds Beaches But Kills Fishing

Atlantic City Dredging
Dredging Pros & Cons

Atlantic City Beach Replenishment this Spring. Our battered shores in front of Showboat & REVEL are really hurting. Combined with winter storms, the inlet T-Jetty also plays a role in eating away these particular beaches.

It’s true, dredging Absecon Inlet cheaply builds our beaches back up….and deepens this channel with depths up to 60ft. (perfect for cruise liner docking near Gardners Basin)

But…dredging is a sand-sucking technique with a big downside. It decimates the local fishing habitat, which in turn hurts the casual fisherman, bait & tackle shops, party boats and charters.

Notice how the fish population has declined over the years? Dredging destroys fish food and the fish that prefer laying near or at the bottom. While it’s cheaper to vacuum up sand close to shore, dredgers also inhale food & nourishment for flounder, crab, and important bait fish that attract striper.

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