Atlantic City Boardwalk Businesses Pump Up the Volume As Visitors Complain.

No views, but plenty of competing sounds. The Atlantic City Boardwalk, bouncing back nicely after years of neglect, is now facing some un-anticipated growing pains. Noise is just one of them.

Visitors have shared their thoughts on social media and at various community meetings. The Boardwalk is too LOUD they say.

Take a walk along the boardwalk and see/hear for yourself. You’ll be assaulted by a cacophony of audio commercials telling you to gamble online, watch a movie or eat at a popular dining spot.

High volume speakers are attached to many Boardwalk based casinos. Tropicana & Bally’s are two of the worst offenders. (We try to quickly pass thru those noisy areas)

Other contributors to Atlantic City Boardwalk noise pollution: beach bars.

High volume is a growing problem. Nasty song lyrics make matters worse. Bass pumping nightlife on the beach til 4 am is yet another problem.

The video screen network along most of the Boardwalk, competes with the audio coming from casino speakers, by pumping up their own volume.

Residents claim enforcement is lax.

  • Chris Ireland: They need to turn the damn audio off on these monitors. Or at least only broadcast once or twice an hour. I’m trying to sit & enjoy a coffee, and they just ruin the experience!
  • Gina Roche: I completely agree. I rarely walk that way. It’s so upsetting. We always bike and walk toward Ventnor now.
  • Scott Heath: We should propose a Boardwalk noise ordinance. Would be great to hear the ocean, because we certainly can’t see it.
  • Penny Shorepenny: We should only hear one source of music on the Boardwalk. All the stores, screens and beach bars compete with each other. It’s so annoying. Not relaxing at all.
  • Angela Gaudioso-Klein: It’s so loud, hate them. Tropicana too loud as well.

In the recent Atlantic City beach lease provided to the Chelsea Beach Bar, volume is mentioned prominently.

Chelsea Beach Bar Lease

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