Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Meeting Notes from December 12, 2018

The recent Boardwalk Committee Meeting took place on December 12, 2018. Frank Formica, our favorite baker and Atlantic County Freeholder was there.

AC Boardwalk Chairman, Tom Lamaine reminded the Boardwalk Committee of it mission statement. Identify, attend to, and solve issues within the Tourism District and Atlantic City area.

ACPD – Deputy Chief Jerry Barnhardt and Deputy Chief James Sarkus of ACPD talked about Project PACT (Protecting AC Together ).

Project PACT: Any resident, business, etc., can get on board with the city.  No fee as long as you have proper equipment. Cost is on the individual if internet, IEP system is not compatible.

A question was asked about having cameras accessible to the whole neighborhood so the neighborhood could do their own watch. There needs to be a vetting process. Maybe even an application. It will be looked into.

Brown’s Park has been cleaned up. Renaissance Park has numerous issues that the ACPD is trying to address. Renaissance Plaza is technically not in the Tourism District we hear, which could be the reason why CRDA hasn’t helped in this matter.

Can Class II Officers monitor Renaissance Plaza? That answer is no. Class II’s only patrol the ocean side of Atlantic Avenue.

The number of Class II’s and the amount of hours they work, have been greatly reduced.

Ordinance for liquor stores to stop single bottle drinking is being looked into.

Frank Formica – Atlantic County Freeholder: How much would it take to have ACPD kiosks every few blocks on the Boardwalk between Albany and Ocean Ave? You can’t market AC if it’s not clean and safe. There are only 220 on the force. We need to work with what we have. We need to lobby the state, CRDA and the County for money to make it happen.

  • 40% of Atlantic County residents are using some kind of social services.
  • Needle Exchange program needs to be moved to another place. Lt. Governor is aware of issue. Has yet to take action.
  • Atlantic City has 43 rooming houses.
  • The county would love to take over AC Code Enforcement. Legislation would be needed.

The State of NJ overrides the city and CRDA.  The DCA often overrides city decisions. DCA can not override code enforcement.

The Boardwalk Committee would like to see Code Enforcement services shared with the county for a three year trial.

  • Q: Who owns Bader Field? A: The City of Atlantic City.
  • Q: Who has control of Bader Field? A: The State of NJ

Post heavily influenced by the note taking of Sherrie Kendall , Boardwalk Committee Vice Chair/Liaison