Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Notes, Oct. 11, 2017

Commander Tom Gilbert – Tourism District

Meetings have taken place about security in Atlantic City stemming from the Las Vegas tragedy and Atlantic City’s  abandoned or boarded up housing issues that have turned into needle houses.

There have been 525 calls of service in one month about issues around the Fox Manor area ( Albion & Texas Ave.) and another 525 calls of service that  have expanded from that original area.

Volunteers of America recently received money so they are helping with at risk situations.

Tennessee Avenue is still struggling with drug problems. Police are stepping up patrols.

Other discussion points:

Joe Pollilo -The Needle Exchange Program is a Problem.

This has been brought up numerous times at the Boardwalk Committee meetings. A one to one exchange instead of a giveaway is supposedly in the works. ACPD Captain Kammerman suggested to contact Georgette Watson with the South Jersey Aids Alliance or email him if needles need to be cleaned up. The committee feels that this issue continues to over burden our social services  and something needs to be done at the state level.

The parking lot across from The Enclave continues to be filled to capacity. If there was a problem there emergency vehicles can not enter.  Construction workers from the Stockton project seem to be using the lot now and residents of the Enclave used it in the summer. Chief White will bring this up at a meeting he is attending.  The owner of the property needs to be contacted about the problem.

Geoff Rosenberg – Stockton construction workers are illegally parking on Atlantic Avenue where the lanes shift to the right. It is a busy intersection and causes a problem. Can this be addressed ?  Chief White will talk to Stockton since extended courtesy was issued.

Rooming Houses – Problems on South Georgia Avenue, and 3 blocks of Tennessee Avenue.

24 parolees – 18 in one house. Most of the residents are from AC. The local government pays rooming houses. Economics drive this. AC takes care of more than our fair share of social community services. It burdens police. We seem to be an all-inclusive for drugs and parolees. Why can’t we cut some of these social services?

Noise issues from boardwalk video screens at Tropicana and beach bars.

The Ritz and Ocean Club have seen some improvements. 2 ACPD officers will be certified and authorized by the state to test noise levels before next summer. Police responsive, but have no enforcement power. Once police are trained, they’ll have that power. When ACPD are certified, Dale Finch’s office will no longer need to be notified. State used to control this, now the city will be in charge. The Ritz and Ocean Club will be able to call communications and readings will be able to be taken immediately. All calls should be documented if needed later. The Ocean Club has already certified one of their employees so when they call they will already have some readings. Usually these problems occur during the summer months, but with the building of the Beer Garden the Ritz is hoping they will not have problems when they open in February.

Noise on the Boardwalk is way too loud in front of the Trop.  Chief White will reach out to the Tropicana. The video screens are too loud.  Charlie Pfrommer  from ACIT will look into this for us. Charlie will be contacted if the Boardwalk Committee receives any complaints about the tv monitors in the future.

Fines are controlled by City Council and might need to be reviewed and increased. Other mechanisms like attacking businesses’ ABC licenses should also be considered.

3D Light show –  Operating Friday and Saturday until the week before Christmas. Shows will be daily and then will shut down reopening in the spring.

Notes submitted by Sherrie Kendall, Vice Chair/Boardwalk Committee Liaison.

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  1. This committee is absolutely useless, I would say most committee members don’t even go to the beach or boardwalk.

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