Atlantic City Boardwalk Meeting August 14, 2019

Pre-construction for the final phase of the Atlantic City Boardwalk ( Caspian to Gardner’s Basin) has begun. Big equipment is on site. Boulders are being brought in. This phase will be concrete, not wood. They will be reinforcing the jetty by hollowing it out, replacing stones, and putting filler in to make the cement smooth.

Bicycles on the boardwalk are a major concern. Pedestrians were struck by a dirt bike. Speed and hours need to be strictly enforced.

Captain Hendricks – ACPD: Since the last meeting patrol numbers have been bumped up thanks to overtime to address the problems with bicycles on the boardwalk and to enforce juvenile curfew issues. Class II officers are on the Boardwalk at noon to remind bicycle riders that you can’t ride bikes from Albany to the inlet area.

Ed Dennis – Engineer from Remington & Vernick (company that designed Baltic Avenue Canal drainage project)

  • The canal is two miles long. Width is big enough to a jitney can be driven down it. The Boardwalk is not tied into it.
  • Phase 1 has been completed. There are currently two pumps.  When finished, there will be 6 additional pumps located at Georgia Avenue.
  • Bulkheads need repair. Some are privately owned which can cause a problem.
  • The city has received $6 million dollars from DEP and $1.2 million has been received for a mechanical screen that will be located at Georgia Avenue which will protect the pumps from debris. The tighter you make the mess the harder it makes the debris to get out. Fisherman Park only kicks on when needed or during extreme situations. The screen at Atlantis Avenue can be tightened mechanically.
  • The canal lay dormant for 50 years.
  • Canal bulkheads, street drain and pipes on the street, are still a problem that causes flooding.
  • Public Works and Emergency Management operates the system for the city. City has to anticipate when there is a storm or a high tide.
  • Cameras, hardware and software are currently out to bid so it can all be operated remotely instead of manually.
  • The project was designed 5 years ago and the two pumps are only at Rhode Island Avenue currently.

Christina Bevilacqua- Chief of Staff for Mayor Gilliam: The Mayor’s Office is currently looking at automating the flood gates. Now, they have to be manually opened and closed. Protocol has been put into place, but a shortage of staff has slowed things down. Public Works and Scott Evans initiate during a storm or high tide.

Bungalow Park and Chelsea Heights need bulkheads. Funding is needed. Emergency Management is trying, but state /federal funds might be needed since we are talking about intercoastal area.
A net is being looked into for Gardner’s Basin which could trap sediment. Mechanical lift is needed to pull debris out. The bay needs to be dredged to help water levels.

The Federal Government needs to get involved since problems are in the Inter-coastal. Dredge spoils need to be trucked out. Can screens be installed to mitigate to pump out ? There need to be bars to control storm sewage on streets. Can SID come and pick up trash at the pumps ? Who do we contact with trash issues that are clogging up drains on the streets?  Sanitation Department (Public Works) Can we get someone from the Sanitation Department at the next meeting.

A group is visiting Newark to study how they are dealing with youth violence and street level initiatives. Curfews have been put in place in  AC.  Intervention programs are being  set up with different street level groups Neighborhood Community Outreach Program have been started in each of the 6 wards.

Notes developed by Sherrie Kendall
Boardwalk Committee Vice Chair/Liason

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