Longer & Stronger. Atlantic City Boardwalk Update FEB 4, 2017

Work is proceeding ahead of schedule. You don’t get to hear that very often in Atlantic City. Our world famous Boardwalk is getting an upgrade. By Summer 2017, it will be longer and stronger. See pictures>

By late April, you’ll be able to walk, ride or tram all the way to the Inlet. It’s a beautiful sight.

By Summer 2017, you’ll be able go even further…..all the way to Gramercy Ave, which takes you to the concrete promenade and the beautiful but oft-forgotten McClinton Park.

So far, workers are making incredible strides. The relatively easy winter has helped a lot: installing new concrete footings, ramps, steel seawall, jetty rocks, and wooden planks. Safety railings and lights are next.

If all continues to go well…by 2018…. the Boardwalk will stretch from Margate to the foot of Gardners Basin, where the Atlantic City Aquarium & Gilchrist Restaurant are located.