Atlantic City Boardwalk Violence

Watch Video.

Without law & order, this crap will only get worse. The rise in Atlantic City boardwalk violence.

Mayor Marty Small, NJ Gov Murphy and the CRDA need to get their sh*t together and fix this problem…. pronto.

Boardwalk Business Owner

How to Stop AC Boardwalk Crime

Step #1 – CRDA needs to increase funding for ACPD….. instead of pissing away $750k to a local advertising agency.

Step #2 – Support those who support public safety.

Step #3 – Penalize those who make our streets more dangerous.

Step #4 – Ask Congressional candidate Amy Kennedy if she truly understands what ‘Defunding the Police’ means.

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  1. The violence in Atlantic City breaks my heart. As a child my aunt owned two rooming houses one on Tennessee ave and one on Atlantic ave right off the boardwalk it was called Dunlap’s Inn. I use to every spring ride the bus from Vineland in to AC. and jump on the Jitney to the inlet to my aunts place, those’s were great memories.
    She would repay me by taking my to nice dinners Captain Sterns and before I finished what I had to do for her she would also take me to Ice Capades. The last two weeks of August was always paid for my grandma, my mom,me,and sometimes my cousin Linda would come and I would always get her in trouble, or that’s her side of the story……LOL I guess she always said that because I was always sneaking on my Steel Pier and she followed me, hey we never were caught ????‍♀️ But we always returned home late, and she was younger and she would get in trouble. But hey we had a lot of fun and great memories ????????

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