Atlantic City Cabs & Jitneys Getting Clobbered by UBER & LYFT

Atlantic City Cabs and Jitneys are getting their clocks cleaned by these oddly-named, but wildly popular, transportation services called Uber and Lyft.

Yellow Cab has served the Atlantic City area for 102 years. The iconic Jitneys have also played a major role in transporting residents and visitors for almost just as long.

Like most legacy business, Jitneys & Cabs in Atlantic City unfortunately ignored the digital disruption right in front of their nose. Why didn’t these once mighty companies upgrade their technology and marketing? Why didn’t they ‘borrow’ proven tactics from these new, digital competitors; UBER & LYFT?

Atlantic City Jitneys & Cabs are notorious for old school, ineffective methods of marketing, advertising & customer service.

Cabs will still roll, but the 24-hour dispatch system may have to be terminated.

Technology exists where both of these transportation companies could cheaply develop mobile aps that make it easy for travelers to connect with a ride.

Former Gov. Chris Christie signed pro-UBER legislation, which took effect on May 1, 2017. Transportation networks like UBER & LYFT can now legally operate in Atlantic City and other NJ towns. Cities can no longer harrass and fine UBER drivers. Atlantic City can’t issue tickets and fines to UBER drivers who don’t carry a commercial driver’s license.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, License & Inspection chief, Dale Finch, would love to regulate Uber & Lyft. This type of thinking would only keep Atlantic City transportation in the dark ages. Thankfully, current legislation has Finch’s hands tied. If AC was really serious about attracting 20 & 30 somethings, they’d bend over backwards for services like UBER, as well as Air BnB for accommodations. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if AC got it’s act together in the crime & drug department too.

According to Uber, each ride is covered by $1.5 million of commercial insurance the company maintains. It’s a fact. Uber provides transportation for 2 million New Jersey riders. in New Jersey and employs “tens of thousands” of drivers in the state of NJ.


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  1. This is just History having an adjustment. Jitneys and Yelllow Taxi of Atlantic City, were joined together, in activities that manipulated the Atlantic City Government for years. These joint activities made both entities power brokers in the field Local Transportation.
    Here comes Uber which does the same manipulation with Givernments to accomplish their aims. And Uber pays more to governments then Yellow Taxi and AC Jitneys…..
    So what goes around comes around and now those that were the power players in Atlantic City Transportation Ave in the Modern age of Casinos now cry victim, when I say it’s Justice served…..

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