Atlantic City Cancel Culture. Councilman Says It’s Racist to Highlight City Problems?

Councilman Fauntleroy

Atlantic City Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy not happy seeing resident Tom Forkin throw smoke on late night parties at Gardners Basin and the inlet seawall.

‘Noise, trash and fireworks are just a few of the problems’ say neighbors. Even Mayor Marty Small struggles with this neighborhood ‘quality of life’ issue.

How it all started: Back in June, Forkin posted a photo of trash and litter at the inlet seawall. Pic was taken after a night of partying. Forkin said the City wasn’t enforcing the law.

Atlantic City Cancel Culture.

AC Councilman Fauntleroy responded with a social media post that said: “Tom Forkin is a racist and doesn’t like Black people”. Councilman Fauntleroy also posted Forkin’s personal / family phone number, encouraging people to call or text him.

Forkin soon filed a complaint against Fauntleroy, alleging harassment and terroristic threats.

Tom Forkin (R) is challenging Marty Small (D) this November 3 for the Mayor’s seat.

Forkin says he feared for the safety of himself and his family, as he was bombarded with 1,000 calls and threatening texts.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, Councilman Fauntleroy said, “Tom Forkin believes that he has the privilege to speak on African Americans as if he was African American. And he’s not.

Calling people racist. It’s almost like the 2020 version of McCarthyism. Back in the late 40’s, people were petrified of being labeled a ‘communist’ by Senator Joe McCarthy…. just for having a different view point.

Being unfairly accused by Senator McCarthy ruined lives and careers. Some were blacklisted. See movie: TRUMBO.

Didn’t matter if accusations were true or not. Once accused, you were dead man walking. Indeed, a potent weapon used to shutter free speech and/or destroy your enemies.

Rooting out systemic racism in Atlantic City.

Sadly, real racism still exists. Some of it in plain view. For example, why only 1 person of color (POC) on the 17 member CRDA board?

Residents demanding deeper look into the following institutions: Stockton University. CRDA. Atlantic City School District. Casinos. AC Planning Board. The Press of Atlantic City. Local Radio.

Casino Reinvestment Development Authority

Looks like AC Mayor Marty Small & CRDA disrespected Italian-Americans by removing the statue of Christopher Columbus. Sounds pretty racist to me.

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