Atlantic City Considers Benefits of School Vouchers. Many Taxpayers Ready to Vote Yes.

Atlantic City School Board of Education
Overspend and underachieve; Atlantic City School Board under fire.

Is the Atlantic City School Board getting good ROI (Return on Investment) when spending tax dollars to educate our kids? Even with close to $27,000 spent per student, the board is hard pressed to prove that their oversight of education is efficient and effective .

That’s why AC Councilman Jesse Kurtz proposed a school voucher referendum. If voters approve the referendum, all Atlantic City children will receive a $10,000 scholarship to attend the school of their parents’ choice. At the same time, taxes would be reduced for the Atlantic City taxpayer. The city council approved it unanimously, now it’s up to local voters.

On Nov. 8, Atlantic City voters will decide on the future of K-12 education in their city.

According to the NJ Dept of Education, Atlantic City spent over $26,634 per student in 2015. That number is a conservative estimate. If the referendum passes, the cost of educating each Atlantic City student could drop to just $10,000 per pupil.

The comprehensive national survey conducted in 2015 for “The New Orleans Charter School Revolution-Ten Years After Katrina” found that 72% of African American parents polled support school choice.

Governor Christie: wants to change the school funding formula. It’s not working. 

The unconstitutional ‘last in first out’ termination of teachers needs to go. It should be done based on merit not just seniority.

We put handcuffs on educators from getting results by all these rules that are imposed by the union and by members of the legislature and previous governors that make no sense.

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