Atlantic City Council Pleads To CRDA, Please Protect Renaissance Plaza Shoppers

Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz wants the CRDA to help protect citizens while shopping at Renaissance Plaza, a few blocks from City Hall.

Shabazz will try to accomplish that by presenting a resolution at the Sept 26. Atlantic City council meeting.

Editors Note: Shabazz and other councilmen, including all citizens, should attend the monthly CRDA meetings. If local residents ever want to get things done, the CRDA is where they need to focus their efforts.

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City Council of Atlantic City: effectively neutered in foreseeable future.


The Renaissance Shopping Plaza was supposed to be a place where residents could shop at a convenient inner-city location, with an expectation of safety.

Sadly, Renaissance Plaza in Atlantic City has fallen sharply from its original promise of being a safe, convenient shopping venue. Many local residents avoid this area and have a reluctance to shop there.

Renaissance Plaza has even lost 3 national food chains that typically do well in urban and city settings: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell.

Today, Renaissance Plaza is a center of illicit activity and harassment to passers-by. This causes plenty of public safety concerns.

Fact: CRDA is the responsible for Renaissance Plaza, since it’s located in the CRDA controlled Tourism District.

City Council requests that CRDA take the following initial steps to improve and address the public safety concerns in and around Renaissance Plaza:

A. Installation of a Genetec Security System, which ties into ACPD
B. Increased exterior lighting
C. License plate readers at all entry & exit points.

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