Atlantic City Council Reminds City, They Still Have No Power Over Anything.

The last remaining controls that council had over Atlantic City, are no more. City totally taken over by the State of New Jersey.

Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Deputy Commissioner Rob Long informed Council President Marty Small that the state would be assuming 100% full authority under the Municipal Recovery and Stabilization Act of 2016.

It’s not like Atlantic City Council had much power anyway.

While most were snoozing, including those in the media, the State of NJ leveraged CRDA to effectively steal the most valuable parts of the city away from it’s residents.

The so-called Tourism District and the Stockton University district are no longer managed by the city or it’s residents.

Atlantic City Council Marty Small CRDA Stockton University

“The State of New Jersey has exerted their power for full takeover at this time,” proclaims Atlantic City Councilman, Marty Small.

Observers note that Council President Small reduced the number of public council meetings from 2 to 1. The real power is now with CRDA and DCA, not City Council.

State of NJ downplaying major embarrassments to Democratic Party of Atlantic City and Atlantic County.

Fresh off a $10,000 campaign mistake, AC Mayor Frank Gilliam is now under federal investigation by the FBI and the IRS.

Gilliam is also facing criminal charges of simple assault and harassment from a late night fight outside a Golden Nugget casino nightclub in November.

Big Frank has missed the past two council meetings, but interestingly attends the CRDA monthly meetings.

WOND Scott Cronick Atlantic City Mark Collazzo
Local Media Enabling Bad Behavior

ACprimetime is credited for calling out CRDA Board of Directors for lack of diversity and inclusiveness.

For years, the Mayor of Atlantic City occupied a seat at the rear of the 17 member arrangement. We found it odd that local socialite, Gary Hill, sat up front while those elected to represent the citizens of Atlantic City (Guardian, Gilliam, etc) were relegated to the rear.

After we wrote about this disrespectful situation, the Mayor of Atlantic City is now front and center. Where he should be. Snuggled between Gary Hill and CRDA Chairman Bob Mulchahy.

CRDA Atlantic City Frank Gilliam Gary Hill