Atlantic City Council Update with Jesse Kurtz.

Atlantic City Councilman, Jesse Kurtz, provided the following city update on SEPT 18, 2019:

6th Ward Councilman Jesse Kurtz

Update to Abandoned Properties Registry. Good step forward to deal with vacant abandoned properties in town. Push for better maintenance. Get up to code…or demolish.

Atlantic City Bulkhead Heights

> Up for 1st reading. Ordinance: set up standard BULKHEAD HEIGHT. Overlooked for years. AC needs standardized minimum height for new construction & development along bay-side.

Atlantic City still without a standard bulkhead height. This will help with flooding, better ‘CRS’ results in lower flood rates. CRS = Community Rating Score. Bulk Flood insurance discounts.

Atlantic City Rehab and Sober Home Violations

Lingering issue: Group rehab homes still operating in Atlantic City without appropriate permits & licenses. Especially in Lower Chelsea neighborhood.

One particular organization, The Hansen Foundation, is still operating & collecting money for rehab resident treatment. They’re not in compliance with local law. If owners don’t comply…as a city, we should motion to have them vacate.

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