Atlantic City Council Votes NO to Venice Park Trash Facility

Atlantic City Council voted 9-0 against a proposed waste management facility for Venice Park.

Mayor Marty Small, Councilman Kaleem Shabazz and Reverend Colin Days were soundly defeated.

Sponsors of the plan were clearly embarrassed. Kaleem Shabazz and Stephanie Marshall even voted against it.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Venice Park

If built, the incinerator would service hundreds of trucks per-day bringing waste from Atlantic City and nearby communities into Venice Park.

Another Marty Small Dumpster Fire in Atlantic City

Why did Councilman Shabazz put it back on the agenda?

Councilman Tibbitt.

Some speculate Small finally replaced a dangerous Venice Park bridge in preparation for the industrial facility.

Local radio host accused Mayor Small of ‘Black on Black’ crime, putting a trash facility in this beautiful family neighborhood.

Atlantic City Councilman Morshed in desperate need of anger management. Small and others struggled to hold back laughter.

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