Atlantic City Council Votes on Removing Steve Young

steve young atlantic city
Professional Protester, Steve Young.

On Aug 19, City Council of Atlantic City will vote to remove BLM activist STEVE YOUNG, for cause, from the city Planning Board and Citizens Review Board.

Council Members TIBBITT, SHABAZZ & RANDOLPH will present the following resolution:

WHEREAS, on January 1, 2019 Steve Young took an Oath of Office to perform and faithfully execute his obligations as an Atlantic City Planning Board member and, on February 13, 2019, Steve Young took the same oath to perform and faithfully execute his obligations as a member of the Citizens Advisory Board; and

WHEREAS, in recent months, however, Steve Young’s conduct has become patently inimical to the public interest and to the public trust upon which the offices he serves are predicated and this conduct not only justifies but virtually compels his removal for cause from both Boards.

WHEREAS, the justifications for Steve Young’s removal include, but are not limited to the following: (i) Violation of Public Trust: Atlantic City offices received in excess of fifty (50) telephone calls from concerned and outraged Atlantic City residents who questioned Steve Young’s position on the Boards in light of the reprehensible conduct he exhibited during the promotion of and participation in the recent protests.

Conflict of Interest: Steve Young’s participation on the Boards, in part, is to create and enhance economic progress for Atlantic City.

The protests, under Steve Young’s promotion and direction were designed to create and indeed created significant economic harm not only to the taxpayers of Atlantic City but also to Atlantic City businesses.

Conduct unbecoming of an official assigned to the aforementioned Boards.

By his conduct, Steve Young encouraged and incited participants to break the law.

Through social media he called to shut down Atlantic City and close the Atlantic City Expressway on July 4, 2020, one of the busiest days of the year.

WHEREAS, the City appreciates, acknowledges and supports Steve Young’s involvement relative to the “Black Lives Matter” initiative and recognizes change is critical for the growth of our City, State and Nation as a whole, however, there is no justification for Steve Young to use this noble movement for matters of self-interest and self-promotion, especially when his involvement creates conflicts with his positions on the Atlantic City Boards and is detrimental to the residents and business owners of this great City of Atlantic City, individuals that he took an oath to serve.

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