Atlantic City Councilman Beaten and Bloodied Over Plan to Shut Needle Exchange?

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Atlantic City 4th Ward Councilman Hossain Morshed was brutally beaten and bloodied on Thursday night.

From his hospital bed, Morshed says 6 individuals ganged up on him at the corner of Florida and Atlantic Ave. within the Tourism District.

The gang allegedly threatened Morshed at gunpoint. They beat and punched the councilman. Multiple blows to the face. Morshed suffered a broken nose and eye socket and was scheduled to have surgery on Monday.

Morshed claims the attackers demanded that the needle exchange stay open.

The Atlantic City needle exchange, adjacent to Tennessee and Pacific Ave, opened in 2007.

Morshed, along with most of Atlantic City Council, want to shutter the controversial needle exchange within Tourism District. Council will take a final vote on the issue on Wednesday, July 21.

On Thursday night, July 15, Morshed was trying to leave a parking lot on Florida Ave but was blocked by another vehicle. It was then that Morshed allegedly saw a Black or Hispanic man carrying a weapon and a woman carrying a revolver.

Another vehicle had three people carrying guns, says Morshed.

Morshed claims that one of his attackers said: ‘Don’t go against needle exchange. Don’t go with Sarkos.’ (James Sarkos is acting Atlantic City Police Chief).

According to reports: The man punched Morshed in the eye and nose, multiple times. Morshed fell to the ground and was violently kicked by gun wielding attackers.

The ‘OASIS’ needle exchange is based on Tennessee Ave, inside the city’s Tourism District, managed by CRDA.

Council President Tibbitt, along with Mayor Marty Small and Councilman Kaleem Shabazz have supported Gov Murphy’s recent criminal reforms.

New public safety directives have allowed criminals to avoid jail time. Many are habitual offenders. Penalties for bad behavior have been reduced.

Critics point to Mayor Marty Small, George Tibbitt and Kaleem Shabazz’s support of Gov Murphy’s ‘soft on crime’ plan.

Critics of NJ’s controversial criminal reform say social services like drug rehabs, sober living homes, and needle exchanges ultimately do more harm than good.

Even though badly beaten and threatened, Morshed plans to vote and shut down the needle exchange during Wednesday’s council meeting.

Muhammad Ruhul Amin 

We condemn this barbaric attack on Council Member Brother Md. Hossain Morshed. We demand fair investigation to arrest the criminal and to give exemplary punishment. We also demand Law Enforcement, AC Police Department and Mayor take necessary action for preventing racism and hate crimes. Ensure the safety and security of all human beings, irrespective of color, skin and ethnicity, especially the Asian People.

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    Well criminal fake mayor small biiig boys are on the prowl for small balls criminal mayor drug businesses. So he can afford his $50🚓K fake man cave! Shame the criminal mayor is in charge holding the city, residents, tourists up for hostages on safety!! Shame u don’t have a Rizzo like mayor available,, the thugs would be sleeping with the fishes as we speak(means jaws dinner food). So how are u dumb morons gonna vote in November ?🚛🚐🚔🚔🚔🚑🚑🚒🚒🚁🚁🚲🚲🏍🏍🚤🚤✈️✈️✈️🚦🚦🏖🏖🏘. Criminal or a real mayor to bring u !into the 21st century! U make the call? Which I have no hope what u did with fix it foley 450 votes! I can find 1000 votes on my trek to 1st ward polls

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