Atlantic City Councilman Shabazz – Soul Food, Politics, Jazz & His Muslim Faith

Kaleem Shabazz & Mel Taylor; ACprimetime Radio Atlantic City
Kaleem Shabazz & Mel Taylor; ACprimetime Radio

Atlantic City Councilman for the 3rd ward; Kaleem Shabazz, was a guest on ACprimetime Radio on Friday, April 15.

Shabazz talked about multiple topics including his mom and dad, soul food, politics, jazz, and his Muslim faith. You’ll love this wide ranging interview with the very popular Shabazz, who garnered 81% of the 3rd ward vote as he successfully ran for a council seat in Atlantic City.

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  1. Councilman Kaleem Shabazz is brilliant and an inspiration. I first met him when he was the director of the Atlantic City Art Gallery (Garden Pier) almost a decade ago. He is an educator , father, patron of jazz, councilman, and all around Renaissance Man. He is a friend for all seasons. It is an honour and privilege to listen to his words of wisdom, absorb his positive outlook and follow his light. He is dedicated to Atlantic City and is a wise gentleman. Faithfully, Mary Ann Masucci

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