Atlantic City Crime, Murder, Drugs, Municipal Mismanagement

Mayor Marty Small’s Atlantic City. Is it getting better or worse? Safer? A good place to raise a family? Maybe start a business? How about the schools?

Until public safety becomes job #1, AC will continue to struggle. Hiring 100 more cops would be a great first step.

Light the city up. Make AC more inviting and safer during the evening hours. Invest in better street lights.

Lack of proper lighting makes this once great city treacherous to walk thru when the sun goes down.

Early prison release supported by NJ Gov Phil Murphy.

Lack of prosecution from past leadership.

CRDA could care less?

Mayor Marty Small passing out high paying jobs to his unqualified friends.

5 thoughts on “Atlantic City Crime, Murder, Drugs, Municipal Mismanagement”

    1. Although it will take some time the ACPD is cracking down on drug dealers and various other crimes.They have hired twenty new officers and my wife and I have seen more police presence in and around the city since summer began.A.C is no different from any other big city.All big cities have the same crime problems.It’s up to the prosecutors to keep thugs off of the streets once they are caught.Catch and release doesn’t work for criminals.

  1. Siloe Colon: why hire your own kind for jobs for unqualified people with criminal background history soon as they get out of prison salary jobs smh I had to build myself up in trades schools & certification while I get denied at city hall for positions that I’m qualified for due to being incarcerated in the pass but these people of the mayor smalls get second chances before Obama ever been in office to proceed that act! I’ve been discriminated for along time trying to obtain an occupation in city hall or municipal court, police station due to favoritism for your own kind criminals that don’t try to educate schooling themselves to be qualified for a job position & these people act big & mighty running off of clout high pay & living low income & section8 illegal selection for section8 certification also…. They all criminals lack of education not builders of themselves or others it needs to be a change & stop discriminating people who qualify for the occupation/ said never an opening then you see who has these positions when there are filled with criminals…

  2. Sorry to say … Atlantic City continues to get worse ….!!!
    Elected officials continue to personaly benefit at the expense
    of working taxpayers ….!!! Their signatures are seen by the conditions
    of all strreets – poor lighting – high crime – dilapadated housing
    – lack of improvement plans and the forsight and courage to implement existing
    remnants of former improvement plans.
    “To whom much is given, much is expected”
    enjoy …!!!!

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