Atlantic City Democrats Call Emergency Meeting Over Gilliam’s Mishandling of Funds

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The Atlantic City Democratic Committee is not letting Mayor Frank Gilliam off the hook. Democrat Committee Vice-Chairperson Ernestor Echevarria is calling an emergency meeting on Fri, Feb 2 at 5p, in reference to alleged mishandling of a $10,000 check.

Here’s the memo:

Dear Members, Please be advised that the executive board of the committee has reached a consensus to hold a emergency meeting. At this time, I summon all members to attend a Emergency Meeting at 5p.m Friday February 2, 2018 at 2715 Arctic Avenue Atlantic City.

The purpose of this meeting to properly discuss and address the following: A $10,000 check was written to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee on October 12, 2017. The before mentioned check was subsequently intercepted and illegally deposited and cashed by Frank Gilliam Attached is a copy of the check.

To take action for the inappropriate and unilateral decisions made by Joyce Mollineaux:

  • She gave a statement on behalf of this committee without our approval.
  • She accepted restitution from Frank’s ill gotten monies that he intercepted.
  • She made public statements on behalf of the committee excusing Frank Gilliam’s egregious and illegal behavior.
  • The committee seeks to take appropriate actions to address these outrageous events with proper motions and statements including but not limited to: motions to file criminal complaints and investigations by the appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  • To also, call on TD Bank to investigate the actions of any and all employees involved in these illegal transactions.
  • To censure Mayor Frank Gilliam with regard to him illegally intercepting the check made out to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee in a attempt to defraud us of said funds.
  • To proceed with a motion and vote of “no confidence” in our current Chairperson Joyce Mollineaux also requesting her immediate resignation as Chair.
  • Place a motion on the floor for nominations for replacement candidates for the Chairperson position with appropriate votes.

All actions above will be taken in accordance with our committee bylaws and Robert’s rules of order.

With truth and transparency in democracy,
Ernestor Echevarria, Vice Chairperson Atlantic City Democratic Committee

How did $10k check wind up at Gilliam’s headquarters?

The AC Dem Committee is calling for a forensic audit of books. They want to dump leader Joyce Mollineaux, with a vote of no confidence. 

Mollineaux was the first to finger Frank for his banking mistake. She alerted committee members on January, 22. Then, she had a change of heart. So far, Mollineaux has kept quiet and Mayor Gilliam thinks the issue is over.

A $10,000 check was wrongly deposited into the “Frank Gilliam for Mayor” account. 

According to the Press of Atlantic CityMichael Suleiman, chairman of the county committee, confirmed the mayor recently made a $10,000 donation to the county committee and the county committee planned to write another check to the city committee. 

This type of situation, where a check is deposited into a different campaign account than it’s written out to, is rare, said Joe Donohue, deputy director of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

According to Harry Hurley, action will also be taken to admonish Atlantic County Democratic Committee Chairman Mike Suleman for giving the $10,000 check to someone without the knowledge and consent of chairperson and or treasurer of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

Secondly, action will be taken to place a freeze on all funds in the Atlantic City Democratic Committee financial account.


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  1. I am in favor of your proposed actions. In addition, if the Mayor wrote a replacement check and called it a “donation”, I would suggest not allowing a tax deduction for that check.

  2. How was it intercepted? Or was it actually handed over to Gilliam before the election with the intention he deposit it into his account? Did Gilliam sneak through the window where the checks were delivered? Or maybe he and Suliman planned it to pay Callaway but then didn’t pay him. Did Suliman try to evade campaign finance laws himself and who is the County Treasurer and what did he or she know and when did they know it. And how were Van Drew, Hillary and Trump involved?

  3. Wow ..
    Why don’t OFFICIAL’S
    Do the SAME with the APPOINTED “STATE” MONITOR’S ?!?!
    Not THE Constitutionally duly elected OFFICIALS who are QUESTIONING?!?!


    Several Articles that sadly go BACK to BRIDGEGATE!

    1). Official “Department of Justice” (DOJ) NOTICE: (CRIME BLOTTER)
    Former New Jersey Attorney General And Chairman Of The Port Authority Board Of Commissioners (David Samson .. a Christie FRIEND / & Ally) .. Pleads GUILTY To Bribery!

    DOJ Notice:

    United Airlines Fined $2.4 Million For Catering To Chris Christie’s Buddy: (David Samson)

    Press Article:
    Christie FRIEND to get $400 an hour for Atlantic City TAKEOVER WORK!

    APRIL 8, 2015
    What’s in a (Law Firm) Name Change?
    Wolff & Samson Is No Longer:

    Where are the LAWMAKERS?!?!

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