Atlantic City Democrats Consider Criminal Charges Against Mayor Gilliam

Atlantic City Mayor, Frank Gilliam, is having one hell of a week. First off, Big Frank got all soft n cozy with ex-Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson. The influential and highly respected Carlson, Miss America 1989, is a top exec at the Miss America Org. Looks like Gretchen encouraged Frank to have a change of heart about Miss America. He’s now a supporter of Miss A. in Atlantic City.

On Friday night, Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam will throw down at his Inaugural Ball.

Should be quite the shindig. Then, on Monday, by the time hang-overs subside, Mayor Gilliam will face an angry mob called the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

On Monday, March 5 at the Irish Pub, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee will vote to file criminal charges against Mayor Frank Gilliam and his former campaign manager, Richard Winstead.

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Mayor Frank

The committee wants justice served for the alleged theft of a $10,000 check. This nice chunk of change was supposed to go to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

For some reason, Gilliam intercepted, signed and deposited that check. Oops.

As part of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee AGENDA, members will hear reports on the investigation of theft of that infamous $10,000 check.

Atlantic City Democratic Committee will entertain MOTIONS on the following:

  • Removal & replacement of Committee Chairperson Joyce Mollineaux
  • Removal & replacement of Vice Chairperson Emestor Ecchevaria
  • Removal & replacement of Committee Treasurer Barbara Hudgins
  • File criminal charges against Frank Gilliam and Richard Winstead for theft of Atlantic City Democrat Committee’s $10,000 check
  • Any and all property, documents including passwords, for Facebook web page as well as checks, statements and all documents pertaining to Committee Banking Account to be turned over with in 24 hours and if not, Committee Chairperson is empowered to file criminal charges for theft of Committee property.

New Business: All committee members desiring to run for re-election, petitions are available here and Chairperson will send recommendations for Atlantic County Regular Democrat Line.

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