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PODCAST: AC Democrats Question $10,000 Check in Mayor Gilliam’s Bank Account

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee under the leadership of Joyce Mollineaux, is in turmoil over a missing $10,000 check. Seems like the check ended up in Frank Gilliam’s bank account, instead of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee .

Questions remain:

  • How did Gilliam allegedly get a $10,000 check meant for the Atlantic City Democratic committee?
  • Why did Gilliam allegedly sign the check?
  • Did Gilliam deposit check into his own acct?
  • Will Gilliam & Joyce Mollineaux correct the situation?

Listeners to the Kevin Hall Radio Show asked: why so much mishandling of money? It was brought to Joyce Mollineaux’s attention that a $10,000 check was roaming around out there. It was supposed to come to us.

From Kevin Hall Radio show: We worked very hard to win. Committee members found out many were not paid. We gotta get to the bottom of this. Where is the money? We knew it was cashed because we saw the elect reports. It was written out to us, and we saw the signature and it was not our treasurer or our chairperson. It never came to us directly. Now we’re doing an investigation. Very disturbed. We’re not gonna pacify and say it was a mistake. We want justice.

Did Atlantic City Democratic Committee Chairperson, Joyce Mollineaux, sweep this issue under the rug?

How did Mayor Frank Gilliam, allegedly take receipt the $10,000 check, and allegedly deposit it into his own campaign account. It even looks like Gilliam signed the back of the check.

If true, why didn’t Mollineaux and Gilliam just return the $10,000 to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee?

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee is not happy, so they’ll convene an emergency meeting of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

A vote of no confidence in Mollineaux as Chairperson? According to Harry Hurley, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee may ask law enforcement to investigate. A potential Election Law issue looms as well.


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  1. nothing will come out of this …he’s a norcrat and so is the party ..they will do what the king tells them

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