Atlantic City Dems Remove Leadership. Target Mayor Gilliam for Criminal Charges.

There’s no escaping the wrath of the Atlantic City Democratic committee. They finally voted to make the next move. Remove & replace committee leadership…..and start the procedure, for criminal charges, against Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam.

Smooth move by Joyce Mollineaux. Alas, no one took the bait. Except for the 3 individuals facing pink slips.

In hopes of not being voted out, the shrewd lil’ firecracker tried to cancel the meeting, scheduled for Monday 6p, at the Irish Pub. Miss Joyce deviously called for another meeting, at a different location, hoping to cause confusion, split attendance and potentially screw with the vote. That plan didn’t work.

23 of the 44 AC Democratic committee members voted to remove & replace Joyce Mollineaux as chairwoman, Enestor Echevarria as vice chairman and Barbara Hudgins as treasurer. In their place, members voted-in Gwen Lewis as the new chairwoman, Farook Hossain as the vice chairman and Emteaj Hossain as the new treasurer.

Also part of the vote, OK for a letter to be sent to TD Bank. Committee members want to know how a check made out to the Atlantic City committee, could be deposited into Gilliam’s account.

All this Democratic in-fighting started when a $10,000 check written out and intended for the cash-poor Atlantic City Democratic committee, was intercepted and wrongly deposited into the “Frank Gilliam for Mayor” bank account.

Michael Suleiman, chairman of the Atlantic County Democratic committee, OK’ed that $10k check for the city committee. Soon thereafter, Suleiman says he got a call from Richard Winstead, campaign manager for Gilliam. Winstead supposedly wanted to pick up that $10k check.

Gilliam publicly claimed Suleiman is a bold faced liar. Winstead says he never called the county committee asking for that check.

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