Atlantic City Elections Audio 2017. Media Manipulation.

Release that audio! Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt wants the Harry Hurley Radio show to post a recent show featuring the infamous Craig Callaway interview. Is Hurley Radio producer, Chris Coleman, manipulating the media?

hurley wpg radio
WPG Radio Producer, Chris Coleman

Pay for play & promotion. Small market radio stations are notorious for cheap access to the airwaves.

Political candidates can buy large blocks of airtime to ‘talk’ with the host. Some believe this allows for biased political coverage. Would a radio host favor a deep pocketed advertiser who happens to be a political candidate?

To be sure, all media is biased to some extent. But some more so than others.

Nov 6 Update: It took close to 3 days, but one of the Hurley audio clips was finally uploaded on Nov 5.

A clip featuring mark Padula vs Mayor Guardian was taken down, and is still down as of Nov 6.  Listen to it below…. Hurley: Guardian vs Padula.

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  1. Chris Coleman is also the head of the Galloway Republicans, so I’m sure he’s totally objective!

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