Should Atlantic City Be First NJ Town To Legalize Marijuana?

Atlantic City Marijuana
AC Weed.

We need more potheads in Atlantic City. It probably would it attract large, hungry crowd, right? At the very least, these stoners would replace that growing group of stay-at-home Internet gamblers.

Oh, and maybe we should just forget about that ‘lets make AC a family friendly destination again. How did that work out for Vegas?

Might early legalization of marijuana be confined to Atlantic City? Could make sense. Legalizing and managing weed through out the entire state could take time. Maybe we should just start off by legalizing pot in Atlantic City, then grow from there.

A stoned, Atlantic City visitor will buy a meal, a room, and will hopefully avoid driving while impaired. Let’s keep them in town to spend more money.

Gov-elect Murphy is crazy gung-ho about legal pot, a total departure from Gov Christie, who dragged his feet on medical marijuana.


Chuck Darrow at Philly Voice had an interesting idea. Convert Bader Field into a cannabis complex, where it can become the most technically advanced pot-growing/distribution operation in the United States, if not the world. It should be an indoor operation to ensure a 12-month grow season. Perhaps it could be powered by the nearby windmills.

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