Atlantic City Closer to Changing Form of Government

AC Mayor, Marty Small, is Sad.

Can Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small get the city back on the right track? Not with the current line-up inside City Hall.

The ONLY way to fix Atlantic City, is to fundamentally change the form of local government, so says Morris Bailey, owner of Resorts Casino Hotel.

The Local 54 union lead by Bob McDevitt and members of CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, feel the same way as Bailey.

Callers into WOND 1400 Radio were angry too. Listen >

WOND Radio 12.6.2019

Morris Bailey

Owner, Resorts Casino Hotel

So far, contributed over $126,000 to help effort that could reorganize AC city government.

Heavy early support for the political action committee (PAC) called Atlantic City Residents for Good Government. Pushing for a City Hall overhaul.

Those opposed to the petition, like Mayor Marty Small and Councilman George Tibbitt, see this as another city take-over attempt. A coup by powerful outsiders. Others see this petition as a way to get rid of useless, dead weight inside City Hall.

The proposed change to AC Govt would cut the number of council members from nine to five… while eliminating a directly elected mayor. Instead, a mayor would be selected annually from among the five at-large council members and a city manager would serve as the chief executive.

Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small, says this is nothing but racism. WATCH VIDEO.

Mayor Small always blaming racism for his problems.

A petition is being circulated. With enough signatures, Atlantic City voters will get to decide if they want a change of government.

Unions with ties to Atlantic City have donated to the petition effort. The bricklayers and allied crafts, plumbers and pipefitters, painters, roofers, electrical workers, elevator construction, casino workers and building trades unions.

Local unions connected to the CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority executive board also want the change of Government:

  • Representatives of bricklayers, pipe-fitters union (Richard Tolson)
  • Electrical workers union (Edward Gant)
  • Building trades union (William Mullen)

Unite Here Local 54 President Bob McDevitt, Bailey and Giannantonio support the petition from Atlantic City Residents for Good Government.

The current form of AC Govt allows too many elected officials to further their own self-interests at the expense of the city and residents.

‘AC can be great again with the right leadership’

Resorts President Mark Giannantonio


Selected by council. Public face of community. Assists governing body in setting goals and advocating policy.


Can be fired by elected officials. Prepares budget for consideration. Manage staff. Policy recommendations.


Legislative body. Policy makers. Budget & local law. Hire city manager based on experience. Serve on boards.

The reaction to the petition drive has been substantial. Some say phenomenal. Want to support the change and sign the petition?

Atlantic City Residents for Good Government understands that you have a busy schedule.

Just request a date and time….and a representative will meet you at your home where you can sign the petition, register to vote, or apply for a ‘vote by mail’ ballot. Click here.


  1. Dear Mayor, City Councilmembers, Latino and Bangladesh Community Leaders, Faith Based Organizations, all Atlantic City Voters,

    Let’s “Unite for the People” against this unethical unconstitutional economic apartheid referendum, and let’s start a campaign to elect a new Minority President of the Union as well as start a protest campaign against Resorts.

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