Jersey City Gets Closer Look at Atlantic City w/ Council Prez Small

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Fulop & Small

Jersey City Mayor; Steven Fulop, paid a visit to Atlantic City on Wed., April 13. Fulop admits he’s on the fence about supporting casinos in North Jersey, and in his own backyard.

Jersey City is a likely location of a casino, if voters are cool with gambling outside Atlantic City. That’s why he wanted to get an up-close look at how gaming has affected AC over the past 40 years.

Fulop might even campaign against North Jersey gaming if Jersey City ultimately says no.

During his visit, Fulop was treated to a classic soul food lunch. Fulop experienced the popular soul food of Kelsey’s;  fried chicken, cornbread and collard greens with a side of macaroni & cheese. The Jersey City mayor also took a jitney tour of Atlantic City with Council President; Marty Small. Fulop was shown the non-gaming side of Atlantic City.

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Soul Food Sit-Down at Kelsey’s

Fulop is rumored to have his eye on being the next governor of NJ. Marty Small is also interested in higher office. Small is not shy about his interest in becoming the next mayor of Atlantic City.

Seems like Marty Small, a veteran councilman and former local basketball star, has already started his 2017 mayoral campaign. During a press conference held on Wednesday morning, Small also suggests that it’s FINALLY time to start investing..& developing….in Atlantic City. We agree.

Fulop is reconsidering North Jersey gambling. He wants to better understand casino culture and the pros & cons for local residents. Fulop said, ‘Maybe I need to rethink my position’.  The Jersey City mayor also questioned the substantial amount of valuable, vacant land and empty buildings in Atlantic City.

During the press conference, the New Jersey mayor said if he decided gambling would be against North Jersey’s interests, he would “work to kill it.”

Kelsey and Kimberly Jackson are the team behind Kelsey’s, well known for their excellent soul food, BBQ, and other southern specialties. Visit Kelsey’s at 1545 Pacific Ave in Atlantic City.

Soul Food Sit-Down At Kelsey’s Atlantic City