Atlantic City Gets New Mayor, South Jersey Republican Machine Getting Rusty.

Atlantic City voters elected Frank Gilliam as their new Mayor starting in 2018. Team Gilliam swept the election on Tuesday night. Gilliam won by a thread at the polls, winning by just 79 votes. Luckily, Councilman Gilliam had at least 1,000 additional ballots from the messenger services that Craig Callaway provided, allegedly funded by a 3rd party political action committee.

Reports suggest that 100 pro-Gilliam votes came from homeless citizens that utilize the needle exchange called OASIS, on Tennessee Ave, near Atlantic Ave.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian conceded early to Gilliam.

It was a tough 4 years for the dapper Don. The bow-tied incumbent struggled as he whiffed many a curve ball during his first and ultimately, only term. Guardian was unable to navigate the shark and thug infested waters of Boardwalk City, Atlantic County and the State of New Jersey.

Republican support was hard to come by for Guardian, whom many consider a RINO, Republican in name only. Don enjoyed virtually zero endorsements and support from Republican politicians. Many thought the now ‘lame duck’ Mayor could win again knowing that Guardian’s political opponents are far from angels.

What we really learned from this recent election: the infamous South Jersey Republican Machine is showing cracks.

Spending 10’s, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on local radio was ultimately considered a poor use of campaign funds. Case in point, NJ Senator Colin Bell (D) was substantially outspent by Assemblyman Chris Brown (R), but Brown barely beat Bell. Why so much money thrown into attack ads? Brown knew the vote was gonna be a squeaker.

Contrary to what biased radio pundits and pay-for-promotion prognosticators claim, watch Colin Bell finally break-through in upcoming elections.

What forms of political marketing provided the most bang for the buck? We know it was the infamous, but 100% legal election services provided by Craig Calloway, famous for his messenger ballots and ‘get out the vote’ efforts.

In other Atlantic County political news….

As we accurately predicted earlier this year, Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R) has announced he’ll retire at end of his current term. The 12 term Republican will not seek a 13th term.

As you may recall, Mr. LoBiondo, the pro-dune, often anti-Trump Ventnor resident, campaigned many moons ago, that he’d only seek one term. 24 years later, LoBiondo detected the winds of change.

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A far-left Wall Streeter, Phil Murphy (D) as the new NJ Governor, and an outgoing Republican Governor with record low approval ratings. Good time for Big Frank to get out now, while the getting’s good.

Frank Lobiondo and Dumb Dune Deal

The South Jersey Republican machine originally constructed by Nucky Johnson back in the 20’s might finally be showing signs of gear-grinding rust and likely break-down.

  • Mazzeo (D) & Armato (D) win Assembly race, beating Sera (R) & Taube (R).
  • Scheffler (D) beats Glasser (R) for County Sheriff.

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