Atlantic City High School Political Power Play?

The Hispanic Association of Atlantic County (HAAC) says:  **Say NO to the unjust transfer and demotion of the 1st Latina Principal of Atlantic City High School. **

HAAC: Currently, the Atlantic City Board of Education is attempting to demote a well qualified, experienced, and effective High School Principal, in order to allow the wife of the Atlantic City Council President to move up and become the new Principal of Atlantic City High School.

(Editors note: Number of ACHS students: 1,861. Racial breakdown: > Hispanic: 36.6% > African American: 28.7% > Asian: 19.1% > White: 14.2% )

(Editors note: Marty Small is AC Council President, and works at Principle Academy Charter School in EHT as athletic director. Mr. Marty Small is married to LaQuetta Small, Principal of Pennsylvania Ave School)

HAAC: These clear and obvious political moves are extremely disturbing and we as a community must stand up against to them!

Ms. Lina Gil is currently the ONLY Latina Administrator in the Atlantic City School District and has over 20 years of experience working with the youth of AC and ACHS!

What the Atlantic City School Board wants to do is a slap in the face to our Community! Please stand side by side with us and join us as we fight to stop this unjust political move and this attack on our community!

When: May 21st, 5:30 PM – Meeting Starts at 6 PM
Where: 1300 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City NJ
6th Floor, Board of Education Meeting Room

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