Atlantic City Leadership Letting CRDA & Stockton Control City’s Future?

Stockton pays almost nothing in Atlantic City taxes. Now the University wants to compete against local business too?

A food vendor inside Stockton University is applying for license to serve alcohol. Local bars and restaurants are not happy. City Council and the CRDA could care less?

On Tuesday, a crowd of angry bar owners and restaurant managers pleaded with the ABC….Alcohol Beverage Control Board. They all pay for liquor licenses, why shouldn’t Stockton?

Johnny X of Ducktown Tavern informed residents of AC that there’s chance of a ‘concessionaire’ liquor license going to a Stockton AC campus food vendor. ‘This is unfair to local small businesses.

Johnny X of Ducktown Tavern: Stockton & CRDA shouldn’t be competing with local Atlantic City business.

There are procedures and obstacles we must go through and no one deserves a free ride especially after the past few years we’ve all had.’

Chelsea residents remarked: ‘Now we know why Marty Small and City Council quietly allowed Stockton to have their own district.’

Bars and restaurants in the tourism district are controlled by the CRDA and Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf. They’re not required to get a liquor license from the City of Atlantic City. They get permission from the State of NJ.

Stockton is growing it’s food vending operations, open to students and the public. This is NOT good for local business.

Jim Fraser, former owner of AC Country Club: Myself and others fought McCullough’s Emerald Links getting a concessionaires license. It’s so unfair to business men and women who have paid for a license. Politicians, and bureaucrats who wouldn’t have a clue how to make a payroll, are ultimately in charge.

Marty Small & City Council sat back and did nothing while they let CRDA control more of the city.

The CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority can circumvent city regulations.

Dealing with the CRDA and Lance Landgraf is a nightmare. He’s disrespectful and not to be trusted.

Jim Wildrick Jr. : While Stockton will be a valuable addition to Atlantic City, I question the need to have alcohol on campus property. There are so many quality taverns and restaurants that can handle social functions. Also, the students will be underage until their junior year.

Louis Jahn: Political leaders prove they have zero understanding of the NEGATIVE impact to local business. At one time, there was close to 200, privately owned bars & restaurants in Atlantic City. Then, Casinos came in and created programs to keep patrons within their facilities. Rather than using the existing outside locations. Most of them, (offering excellent food/service) disappeared. Now Stockton is trying to follow that same failed model. Will Stockton provider pay an equivalent property tax like the private firms – or do they get a tax free ride using Stockton’s exclusions?

Tom Forkin: The State awarding concessionaires licenses in the City impacts the valuation of small businesses and their licences. Instead of concessionaire license holder purchasing a license for $100-$125k (present value), they only pay the State of NJ approx $5-$8k, then $2,500 annually for renewal. All without notice to small businessmen or residents in Atlantic City. Apparently the Mayor’s Office, City Council and the ACPD are also not informed. Those fees go to the State, 100% of which our ACPD patrols and enforces without contribution from the State, impacting our tax base.

If the State of NJ, Stockton, and CRDA are truly here to help, there needs to be transparency in the process. Effective collaboration with small business owners and residents.

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