Atlantic City Leadership & Pundits Guilty of Premature Jubilation?

Scott Cronick WOND Mayor Gilliam Atlantic City
Who Can You Trust? Radio Pundits and Well-Paid Mayor?

Atlantic City leadership and most local pundits spend most of their time talking about the ‘comeback.’ But who, exactly, is benefiting the most from 2 new casinos? It’s certainly not local residents and non-casino business operators.

AC is still the nation’s second-largest commercial casino market. But gaming expansion in nearby states, and online, will continue to eat away at that honor.

Intensifying competition.

Atlantic City is still in second place behind Las Vegas, but that fact may not last much longer.

  • Las Vegas
  • The Chicago region
  • Baltimore/Washington D.C.
  • New York Area
  • Philadelphia
  • Poconos

Atlantic City used to draw gamblers from most of these areas. Not so much anymore.

Hard Rock Atlantic City

Increased competition from neighboring markets will only get worse. Our two new (awesome) properties, Hard Rock and Ocean Resort, have attracted more visits this summer, but can it last?

While we are quite impressed with Hard Rock, we wouldn’t necessarily encourage anyone to venture out onto Pacific Ave without proper safety precautions

Just outside the brightly lit, glittering casinos, are those infamous, Atlantic City street. Dark and plagued with potholes, prostitutes, homeless and drug addicted. Sadly, that can’t be avoided when visiting Atlantic City. Keep your doors locked. We really mean that.

It’s true. The Atlantic City PD does an amazing job, the best they can. But this problem is big and seems to be getting bigger as social services grow within the Tourism District. State mandated cutbacks of AC public safety has only exacerbated the problem. (thank Gov. Christie for that)

Local politicians have been disingenuous by keeping our focus on the NO NORTH JERSEY CASINO battle. This keeps your attention away from the real threat to the AC economy. Online gaming & sports betting, as well as the proliferation of gaming in neighboring states.

Are Atlantic City elected officials helping? There’s little proof of that.

Marty Small Atlantic City Council
Marty Small

Reports also suggest that Atlantic City Council President, Marty Small, is gunning for a job at Stockton Atlantic City. Now you know why Small quickly OK’ed the Stockton District zoning rules, and was compliant in giving away Sand Castle Stadium, along with a large chunk of Bader Field.

  • The Philadelphia market has four gaming properties.
  • Two new properties in the Boston area” MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor.

Rummy Pandit, the so-called Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism spin-meister at Stockton University, thinks Atlantic City can still win, even with all that competition. Pandit says AC has special features and provides a destination experience, with plenty of non-casino activities. We think Rummy doesn’t walk the streets of the city very often. Especially around Pacific & Tennessee avenues.

Scott Cronick WOND

Industry experts like Wayne Schaffel, disagree with those who regurgitate blue sky press releases. Casino pundits like WOND Radio’s Scott Cronick are well compensated both financially and gastronomically. When you’re essentially being paid to puff up your advertisers, while you feed your face, why bite the hand that feeds you?

AC will become more desperate to grow revenue as neighboring competition increases. Expand online gaming, sports betting and mobile wagering will become even more important. Actual visits to AC casinos are very likely to be affected. That’s an uncomfortable fact that most in the media are likely to ignore, as casino’s remain their #1 advertising source.

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