Atlantic City Mayor Has Press Conference Meltdown Over Fish Heads

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The Mayor of Atlantic City lashed out at non-supporters during a hastily called press conference on May 10. Watch video above.

Marty Small used the time to defend both himself and his wife, Atlantic City School Distrcit Superintendant, LaQuetta Small.

Ventnor sends 191 students to Atlantic City High School at a taxpayer cost of $4 million per year.

Team Small have faced mounting criticism for alleged roles in not reporting student abuse, harrassment of black-owned small business, and the rising crime rate in Atlantic City.

Marty Small LaQuetta Small Atlantic City Schools

The LaQuetta Small Fish Heads Incident.

In the summer of 2021, upon exiting the Back Bay Ale House, LaQuetta Small may have picked a fight with Greg ‘Dredgie’ Wood, owner of the Fish Heads food truck in Gardners Basin.

The situation involves a boy who was allegedly abused by Marty and LaQuetta Small’s cousin, Kayan Frazier.

Ms. Small allegedly didn’t approve of a particular boy spending time at the food truck. The boy may have been involved with the investigation into Small’s relative, who’s now serving federal prison time for child pornography. The mother of the child is suing Marty and LaQuetta Small, the AC school district and others.

Marty LaQuetta Small Kayan Frazer Atlantic City

Kayan Frazier, cousin of the Small’s, met and started to ‘groom’ a young boy when he worked for Principal LaQuetta Small at Pennsylvania Ave School.

LaQuetta Small allegedly broke from protocol and didn’t call local police upon catching her cousin taking a young boy home for the night.

Even after being fired by his cousin LaQuetta, Frazier continued to work at other Atlantic City elementary schools. Months later, Frazier was hired by the State of NJ to work with troubled kids.

Who endorsed Frazier for that NJ State job? Was a proper background check performed?

Fish Heads is a black-owned business operating in Atlantic City for the past 25 years.

Sweating profusely. Cursing. Fart jokes. Hateful, racial rhetoric. Mayor Marty Small unhinged.

Mayor Small attacked elected, Republican Black leaders; Cape May County’s Antwon Mclellen, Atlantic County Commissioner Andrew Parker and Egg Harbor Committeeman, Ray Ellis.

Small attacked anyone supporting Fish Heads, including NJ Senator Vince Polistina and NJ Assemblyman Don Guardian.

When cornered, AC Mayor Marty Small always plays the race card.

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Marty Small Atlantic City Racism

Mayor Marty Small may have slandered private business owner; Johnny Exadaktilos of Ducktown Tavern.

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