Atlantic City Mayor Heads To Vegas for Marijuana Research

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Phil & Frank. Don’t Bogart That J.

Somebody’s gotta do it. Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam is on a cannabis fact finding mission. Frank believes legal weed could turn around Atlantic City. That’s why he’s heading to Las Vegas. Sin city. Gilliam will join a small squad to gather information about legalized marijuana in another gaming state.

Vegas to share clues about benefits of legal recreational marijuana in a casino town like Atlantic City.

The New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association set up the trip.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy supports legalized recreational weed for Jersey. $300 million in revenue could be had with legal pot. Murphy also wants to ease regulations on medical marijuana.

“Five years, Atlantic City exclusively,” is what Gilliam wants. Will AC get a major revenue boost from legal weed? We doubt it. The State is not exactly well-known for sharing the rewards of gaming in AC.

Mayor Gilliam would like to see Atlantic City as a legal weed, test market.

Gilliam is in alignment with The NJ Cannabis Industry Association, a trade association formed to promote the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey. The association is amassing support from agriculture, security, technology, chemistry and other markets “as we grow toward a cannabis-based economy in the Garden State,” according to an announcement Tuesday from founder Peter Cammarano.

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