Atlantic City Mayor Being Held to 13.5% County Tax Agreement

Atlantic County Exec Denny Levinson wants what Mayor Guardian agreed to. 22 local mayors, and NJ Gov. Christie are on Denny’s side.

Levinson warned in a letter to county mayors….. “As you are well-aware, the money received from the PILOT is to be used for tax relief for the other 22 municipalities and Atlantic City’s non-casino taxpayers whose taxes, unlike the casinos, will not be frozen for the next 10 years”

During an April 2016 press conference, NJ Gov. Chris Christie announced that Levinson and Atlantic County would get 13.5 % of the casino PILOT taxes.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian & Levinson agreed to this number during a 2015 meeting between the two. Since then, Guardian has lowered that number to about 10%.

Levinson: “For years, Atlantic City over-assessed its casino properties to meet its budgetary obligations. For years, Atlantic County has been forced to refund monies to the city as a result of this irresponsible practice.

Christie: “It’s in the legislation. It’s part of the bill, unlike dealing with Mayor Guardian, Denny knows that if I say it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen.”

Social Media Feedback:

Harold Hannum  says:  No matter which way you want to spin this, it all comes back to Atlantic City, and how they overassessed casino properties, since casinos came to town. Atlantic City has always had a spending problem, and still does to this day. That is why, this is going to hurt, all of the Atlantic County taxpayers. It’s Atlantic City politics, and how its been run, since the dawn of time. Atlantic City needs to clean the slate, out with the old, and get some new blood in there. All of the blame falling on Atlantic City’s Mayor Guardian, is really unfair. He did inherit this, he wasn’t the cause of it, but it was thrown in his lap.