Atlantic City Mayoral Candidate Forkin Slams School Superintendent Caldwell

Tom Forkin, candidate for AC Mayor, slammed AC school boss Barry Caldwell via Press of AC comment section. June 29, 2021:

The FACT that Caldwell is NOT a certified teacher nor has ever taught a class, nor holds a doctorate to offset those shortfalls? And the State Monitor is OK with that, is deeply disturbing!

During his “career” Caldwell has:

1) Incurred an $100,000. Sexual Harassment settlement at taxpayers expense;

2) Been subject to several law suits including presently being investigated and sued in the Kayan Frasier Child Sex Abuse Scandal;

3) Conflicted in legal matters as his brother in law ,Joe Jacobs, is Of Counsel for Riley and Riley (Board Solicitors) who receive 1 Million+ from the taxpayers;

4) Involved directly with School Board Elections when the law prohibits it.

5) Terminated search for replacement superintendent costing taxpayers $25,000.00.

6) Refuses to use TWO existing and empty school building for board offices, proposes spending millions more to build new?

7) Wants 12% raise to to pad his pension IF his contract is extended at the next board meeting!?


Tom Forkin

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