Atlantic City Mayoral Meltdown. Guardian vs Padula. Are You Gay?

LISTEN to this cringe-worthy, mayoral melt-down. > Did Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, who sits on the planning board, take campaign contributions from a local business that needed planning board approval? That’s what a caller to the Harry Hurley Radio show wanted to know on the morning of October 26.

Guardian, facing the dread of being a one term Atlantic City Mayor, was not happy about that question related to Flagship Resort campaign contributions.

The Atlantic City Mayor went on full attack, with a wide variety of accusations and put-downs of Inlet resident, Mark Padula.


Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian’s Filibuster on WPG Radio:

  • There’s no conflict.
  • Are you gay?
  • Attacking a poor little girl.
  • Lies about my father-in-law
  • Why do you hate Gay people?
  • You have bitterness in your heart.
  • You’re a bigot.

Caller Padula, asked the Mayor why he didn’t abstain from a recent vote, concerning Flagship Resorts, a substantial contributor to the Guardian campaign. Flagship reportedly donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Guardian campaign.

Mayor Guardian is a member of the Atlantic City Planning Board. Member’s votes have a direct effect (sometimes positive, sometimes negative) on both residents and businesses.

Usually, a voting planning board member will recuse himself…. or abstain from voting….. on a particular application that a board member may have some type of connection to. 

Padula says it’s a conflict of interest. The Flagship Resort benefited from Mayor Don Guardian’s planning board vote. The Guardian mayoral campaign benefited from the large contributions that came from Flagship.

2 thoughts on “Atlantic City Mayoral Meltdown. Guardian vs Padula. Are You Gay?”

  1. Typically, journalists plan to stay unbiased. This is not one of those times. If sensational journalism is what sells your site, than ACPrimetime decided its patronage is a foolish one. Listen again and revise your statements in full to correctly state that Mark Padula was the Republican Chair of the city and supporter of Don Guardian’s first election, but was removed from his position soon after. Don clearly explains his position and the circumstances of the Flagship.

    Did you forget about Journalism’s Code of Ethics?

    “Ethical journalism should be accurate and fair. Journalists should be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.” – Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

    Take another look at your missing ethics here:

    1. The only brother that needs to read about missing ethics is the Mayor with is unethical vote after receiving over ten g’s in donations from the Flagship. Don explains his position on the Flagship, yes I agree, but not his position on his vote, which was what the original question was until he went off into la la land.

      Now here is my position on a vote: GILLIAM. Need I say more?

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