Atlantic City Needs More Miss Americas, Not Expensive Beach Concerts

atlantic city miss america mayor don guardian
Mayor Introduces, But Doesn’t Support Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City.

Immediate, long term, regional and national benefit for the Atlantic City economy. It’s not the expensive, no re-entry, ‘one & done’ beach concerts. It’s actually investments like Miss America. And Atlantic City needs more of it.

It’s now becoming politically correct to question the ROI; return on investment, of the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City.

We question the validity of their assessment and metrics for success. Nonetheless, dissing Miss America might get a politician a few more votes. It might sell a few extra newspapers too.

Pausing briefly in their Clinton campaign efforts, reporters from The Press of Atlantic City have joined forces with Mayor Don Guardian. Both openly question the value of Miss America in Atlantic City.

It started last year. The Press of Atlantic City editors made cleanup & security issues a front page story. The newspaper spent little time exploring Miss A scholarships, community, economic and tourism benefits. This year, easily offended newsroom personnel think bathing suits need some extra scrutiny.

hetrick damico press of atlantic city
Press of Atlantic City Reporters.

Local news reporters in Atlantic City are now dissecting and disparaging the classic, albeit less critical, bathing suit portion of the annual competition inside historic Boardwalk Hall. Yup. The social justice warriors within the Press newsroom are on a roll. See Press of AC video here.

The Press of Atlantic City ignored dramatically higher TV ratings, a massive commitment from the ABC-Television network, and the pageant’s first openly gay contestant. (paging Mayor Guardian…).

To be fair…. there is a pageant the Press of AC is covering positively…..the very funny and charitable drag show called Miss’d America.

missd america
Miss’d America and The Press of AC

The nationwide exposure of the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City is priceless.

The promotional, humanitarian, entertainment, community value these 52 young ladies represent each year can’t be measured in dollars. It can’t be measured in parking fees and hotel room sales. But when asked, the Mayor of Atlantic City quickly points to weak hotel, entertainment, and parking receipts as proof of poor ROI.

The Mayor of Atlantic City connected weak parking and crappy vacancy rates to Miss America.

Bloomberg News reached out to Mayor Don Guardian about the value of Miss America. Guardian told Bloomberg the pageant isn’t worth the investment. Guardian also took the opportunity to slam his Republican colleague; Gov. Christie; “The state is the epitome of wasteful spending,” said Don as he campaigns to remain Mayor of a town that can’t wean itself from the nourishing nipple of casino tax revenue.

Atlantic City: $27,000 per yr to send a kid to school, and City Council President plays social justice hero and gets $333,000 beach concert targeting local voters.

The Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City provides proof of ROI, return on investment. When outside entrepreneurs see major investment and success like Miss America, they’re more likely to consider setting up shop for themselves in Atlantic City. A beach concert can’t do that.

Like smart investment in clean beaches, safer streets and a rebuilt boardwalk & seawall, The Miss America Pageant is a bona fide and critical building block of the new Atlantic City.


  1. We have a hat trick! Buzzwords like poltically correct & social justice warrior, unsupported claims that the Press has it in for conservatives, and an argument without any backup.

    This article officially sounds like it was written by my brother who watches 4 hours of Fox News a night.

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