Atlantic City Needs More People Like Frank Pileggi

Frank at the Irish Pub

Remembering Frank Pileggi, Mr. Atlantic City. By King Arthur Gropper.

About 10 years ago I heard Frank Pileggi speak on the Dan Klein Radio Show about Atlantic City and I said to myself this guy really knows what he is talking about. He was unfiltered, real, to the point and made common sense.

As a lifelong AC resident Frank was saying the things that needed to be said but few had the courage. A few years later Frank called into my radio show and won a prediction contest. 1st I was shocked that Frank was listening to my show. I heard from speak on the radio and he was right on the money.

Frank Talk Radio from May 26, 2018

I was honored for him to be a listener. I called him a few days later to get his address to mail him his prize for winning and we started talking about him doing a weekly radio segment on my show the Most Honest, Comprehensive, News Report About Atlantic City Frank Talk. Every Saturday morning for 5 years Frank Talk was on the air. Frank could talk about what ever he wanted to and the audience and WIBG radio ownership loved it. We became good friends also.

I was part of his surprise birthday party at the Irish Pub. My job was to distract Frank and bring him to the radio station while everyone set up the party at the Pub. His favorite breakfast place was Gilchrist in Margate and when he came to the radio station studio after the show we’d go to Gilchrist where he ordered his favorite pancakes. Soon after our last radio show together May 26, 2018, Frank’s health took a turn for the worst.

The last time I spoke with him his health was better and ironically back in February which was the last time I saw him, we both were scheduled for blood work at the same time at the Healthplex on Tenn Ave then after our bloodwork we ate breakfast together at Maria’s in AC. Frank’s best attribute was no matter what, he wanted things to be fair and wasn’t afraid to call out things that were unfair.

Despite his position at the Irish Pub as manager Frank wasn’t afraid to call out politicians or anyone that he thought wasn’t acting right. So honored that one of the last things that Frank did on this earth was on Facebook wish me a happy birthday. I am sad Frank is no longer with us today but I know he is in a better place right now.

We love you Frank. God Bless Frank Talk.

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  1. If you wanted the truth about Atlantic City ask Frank and King Arthur. They didn’t have a sponsor on their show that would keep them from telling the truth about how that politician raised the taxes on every business in the state of New Jersey. That politician is running scared, he is taking one for the Democrat team. What politician would vote to raise taxes on his own business? This is my opinion of course. That person is running for assembly in district 2. I buy tasty peaches in Hammonton by the basket from farmers, not by the pound in Northfield. I miss You two on WiBG talk radio. I know there is not much money to be made as a radio host King Arthur.

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