President Trump, State-Takeover, Atlantic City Water Weenies

On this episode of ACprimetime Radio, we continue tracking the Re-invention of Atlantic City. Imagine that. The man who virtually built the casino industry in Atlantic City, will be our next President of the United States of America.

The social justice warriors inside of most local newspapers, TV & Radio hate Donald J. Trump. While not a perfect man, ya gotta love the set of cahones on The Donald.

The reporters inside The Press of Atlantic City and The Philadelphia Inquirer…..and a few WOND 1400am Radio dorks….. are now huddled in their ‘safe spaces’. These hacks were totally triggered by Trump’s populist win. On occasion, these journo-pundits do emerge from their parent’s basement to stalk a local GOP Congressmen or two…..record some iPhone video GOTCHA…..and post to their Twitter account. Traditional Journalism is officially over with this past election. Take that one to the bank, cupcake.

State take-over of Atlantic City is official. Tim Cunningham could be in charge…..for next 5 years.

Atlantic City Marty Small
Take-over Time

The NJ state Local Finance Board will take over Atlantic City’s critical decision-making powers. Local Government Services Director Tim Cunningham is now in charge. He has the authority to sell city assets, adjust the city workforce, and most controversial of all…. the ability to break union contracts.

Ex-AC veteran employee……Postcard Joey Pollillo checks in to ACprimetime Radio and talks State take-over, casino water, aquifers, Brigantine, his new book, and course…the crooked media.

The Kevin Hall Show Program is featured too. We love this WOND Radio show. Bruce Ward of the MUA was a recent guest.

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