Hurley & WPG 1450 Radio: Levinson & Norcross Dine Again in Public

george norcross atlantic city levenson
George Norcross

Harry Hurley from WPG Talk Radio 1450 has learned and confirmed from multiple sources that the powerful Southern New Jersey Democratic Leader George Norcross and Republican Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson met together for one hour (12-1PM) on Tuesday, December 1st, at “The White House” sub-shop in Atlantic City.

George Norcross leads the single largest, most unified and powerful group of New Jersey Legislators in the entire state. Hurley suggests that Norcross may very well hand-pick the next Governor of New Jersey.

Hurley: Levinson’s political power in Atlantic County is undeniably self-evident. So much so, that Democrats haven’t even run an opponent against him in two of the past three, (4-year election cycles).

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