Atlantic City Not Happy With 1st Ward Councilman Sporty Randolph.

1st Ward In Play.

First ward residents gathered this week. Wanting to hear from those looking to be elected to Atlantic City Council… for the next 4 years.

Sporty Randolph is the incumbent 1st ward Democrat. Since 2010. His main challenger in the upcoming November election is Geoff Rosenberger, running as an independent.

Sporty Randolph really said this: ‘being cooperative with the state has produced better results than being resistant.’

Sporty: ‘I think the State is working with the city to improve the quality of life for all our residents.’

Geoff Rosenberger, running as an independent, disagrees. So do most citizens.

Sounds like Sporty is officially a State boy. Just like Marty Small. Sporty now qualified to attend swanky parties thrown by Atlantic City socialite and professional board-member, Mr. Gary Hill.

Does Sporty care about the trash clogging up Gardner’s Basin?

Things are worse after city rebuilt the Baltic canal. Was supposed to reduce flooding. Nope. Council’s effectiveness and accountability called into question. Sporty Randolph hated hearing this. Hates taking responsibility for anything.

Rosenberger says City government was quickly made aware of the canal problems. Flooding still a major problem. More trash than ever, too. Over a year later, problem still not fixed. Rosenberger accused AC Council of having lack of focus. Limited attention paid to 1st ward issues.

Sporty Randolph has poor track record as chairman of public safety and public works committees.

Sporty Randolph: “It wasn’t for lack of effort on my part. I’m not going to be held accountable for the engineer or the public works department that runs that pump out here.” Wrong Sporty. That’s your job. As councilman, you gotta keep pushing til this stuff is fixed.

Sporty makes $28,000 per year to play the role of AC Councilman. Attending just one meeting per month.

Sporty, you have failed miserably. Time for 1st ward citizens to send you packing. But most won’t, so we’ll get more of the same.

Want an AC councilman who does nothing? Vote Sporty. Shame on 1st ward residents for not lighting a fire under his ass for the past 10 years.

Proposed change in the city’s form of government.

Atlantic City Residents for Good Government has been circulating a petition. They want to adopt a council-manager form of government…. as opposed to the current mayor-council style in Atlantic City.

Lazy politicians like Sporty and Small really don’t want this to happen even though this would create a more efficient government and reduce taxpayer costs.

Changing the form of Govt. Council President Marty Small believes this is all about systemic racism. If true, Marty should invite Rev Al Sharpton to Atlantic City. Maybe a Boardwalk rally?

Residents says this is all about fixing incompetence and waste. Council-at-large positions not needed. Paying an Atlantic City mayor $103,000 annual salary plus benefits is a foolish use of limited funds. We could hire 2 more cops with that savings. Or a professional city manager.

Sensing he would immediately lose power, title and $28k per year, Sporty said “I’m not going to entertain a new form of government,”

Randolph told residents NOT to sign the petition. Too late. More than 3x the needed signatures have already been collected.

Small & Randolph take advantage of a misinformed public. They fearmonger. Tell residents they’ll suffer from loss of representation, if AC’s form of Govt would change.

Very few think they’re being properly represented now.

Sporty skirting his responsibility. Do 1st ward residents deserve another 4 years of Sporty Randolph? No. But controversial election tactics will likely get this do-nothing re-elected.

Sporty is happy to have 2 opponents. One Republican and one Independent. This will split the vote in Sporty’s favor.

FACT: If Sporty wins again, things will only get worse. Sporty admits he’s now on the side of the State. He no longer represents you. His job is to protect the state. Just like Marty Small already does.

Ask those in Venice park how responsive Speedy Marsh was in getting dangerous bridges replaced in their ward. NOTHING happened under Speedy’s watch. To be fair, Speedy was busy bringing lawsuits against his employer, the Pleasantville school district. A more, financially rewarding use of his time.

A new form of govt, at the very least, would get rid of non-critical, Council-at-Large seats. One seat still has premium healthcare. Why are residents paying close to $60k per year for a Councilman-At-Large?

Those protecting the status quo will only get more of the same. Likely to get worse, now that Sporty and Small are comfortably in the pocket of CRDA, DCA and the State of NJ.

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